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Hope For You Trademark

Hope For You® respectfully requests that any potential trademark infringement and any potential trademark dilution of our registered Hope For You® trademark cease immediately. Hope For You® has the right to protect its trademark rights established from past, present or future with help of a licensed trademark attorney.

The phrase Hope 4 You is potentially confusingly similar to Hope For You®, because they both look and sound the same, therefore they both can be interpreted as the same. Unauthorized use of our registered trademark Hope For You® is infringement and we reserve the right to protect our trademark rights.

HOPEFORYOU.COM® respectfully ask that you do the right thing and get a license to use our Hope For You® trademark or choose another name.
email us for trademark license inquiries


PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 04, 2010 – HOPEFORYOU.COM® has completed an online search and has noticed potential trademark infringement or dilution in regards to its future, past or present trademark rights. HOPEFORYOU.COM® is seeking an contingent trademark attorney or legal firm for HOPEFORYOU.COM® | Hope For You® - trademark infringement or dilution cases on a contingency basis.

HOPEFORYOU.COM® is a search engine and health directory encouraging hope for you by linking to a wide variety of health related data on the Internet. http://www.hopeforyou.com

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Hope For You® provides a website featuring links to the websites of others in the field of health care to help encourage hope, compassion, good health, success, peace and happiness throughout the planet earth. http://www.hopeforyou.com

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¦ HOPEFORYOU.COM® links to and promotes health links and more. ¦
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HopeForYou.com, Inc.
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Colorado Springs, CO. 80931

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